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Choose Europe at Collision 2023!

Choose Europe at Collision 2023!

Representatives from a variety of cities and regions within the Choose Europe initiative will come together for the first time to exhibit at Collision, a renowned global tech conference taking place from June 26 to 29 in Toronto, Canada. This unprecedented collaboration aims to promote Europe and highlight the advantages of working, living and investing in Europe to a global audience.

Choose Europe is a groundbreaking project initiated by a group of European investment promotion agencies. These agencies recognize the importance of working together to attract foreign direct investment and talent, and to create a more sustainable and united Europe for the future. By joining forces, they aim to position Europe as the optimal destination for international companies seeking economic success and sustainable growth.

The collaboration between cities and regions within Choose Europe is designed to provide tangible benefits to potential investors and talent by streamlining access to the European market. This collaboration creates an environment that fosters investment opportunities and facilitates growth, providing a promising platform to expand and leverage Europe’s market potential.

The network consists of prominent European cities and regions – Amsterdam, Barcelona-Catalonia, Berlin, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Helsinki, Lyon, Oslo, Paris, Riga, Stockholm, Vienna, Warsaw, and Zurich. These cities and regions share common values, including cross-border collaboration, a commitment to sustainable development, and a high quality work-life balance. Their leadership in addressing global challenges has established them as frontrunners in the international landscape.

Sonja Wollkopf Walt, Managing Director of Greater Zurich Area Ltd., explains, “Global FDI competition is intense, yet Europe maintains a formidable stance. We believe in the evolving dynamics of location competitiveness. We’re prepared to address future challenges collectively in alliance with our “Choose Europe” partners. Our shared vision is to establish Europe as a hub of sustainable investment.”

Clarisse Berggårdh, the Chief Executive Officer of Helsinki Partners, adds “Europe is the forerunner when it comes to sustainability and green transition. However, no one can solve the major global challenges by themselves. That is why we, European investment promotion agencies, unite our efforts. We want to attract more investors, companies and talent who share our values and want to solve the big challenges of our time with new innovations and collaboration. This network is a concrete way of showing to investors that Europe stands united. Choose Europe also makes it easier for international companies to tap into the whole European network through one city or region.”

Lionel Grotto, Chief Executive Officer of Choose Paris Region, states: “When it comes to FDI, competition is fierce. Yet if Europe’s ambition is to be the standard-bearer for sustainable investment, we cannot do it alone. To prepare for tomorrow’s major transitions, we need to join forces with cities and Regions at the forefront of innovation, business and eco-responsibility. It is in this spirit that we have come together as Choose Europe, with our differences but also with so much in common in terms of human values, stability, sustainability and vision for the future.”

Choose Europe officially launched on September 29, 2022 in Helsinki, Finland with representatives from the 14 participating cities, regions, and metropolitan areas.

To learn more about the Choose Europe project and the participating European cities and regions, please visit

Choose Europe’s Collision Information

Join us at the Choose Europe booth located at E153 across from the Main Stage at Collision Conference.

Or come to our side-event at our Choose Europe booth on Tuesday, June 27th, from 12:00 to 14:00, featuring refreshments and food.

Be a part of our masterclass ‘Lead the change: Choose Europe – Transitioning to a new world’ between 16:30 – 17:30 on Tuesday, June 27th. Location – Masterclass room 4.


About Choose Europe

Choose Europe is a pioneering project that brings together European cities and regions to drive investment leadership in sustainable growth and regional resilience. By collaborating and promoting shared European values, the project aims to position Europe as the ideal location for international companies looking to achieve economic success while prioritizing sustainability and quality of life.