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Living in Paris Region

Living in Paris Region

As well as being a top business destination, Paris Region offers an unbeatable quality of life. Culture, architecture, history, green spaces, gastronomy, education, world-class infrastructure, and affordability... Paris Region is an exceptional place to live and thrive.



A wealth of opportunities to boost your career and your partner’s

Paris Region is a major international business hub boasting a vibrant labour market where qualified profiles are high in demand. It has a lot to offer to talented people wanting to use their skills. With 15,100 foreign companies making up 1 out of 6 jobs in the region and home to one of the world's most dynamic start-up environments, the Region offers a myriad of employment opportunities and special talent visas for internationals looking to develop their career. It is the perfect place for international students wanting to kick-start their careers, for entrepreneurs, and for investors looking to hire top talents. It is also a region where expat partners are not left behind. They too can find opportunities to pursue their career path, join the overseas branch or subsidiary of their current employer or even launch their own business.


An unbeatable quality of life

Paris Region bursts with opportunities to get active and outdoors. The region is made of unique surroundings: a historically rich center and wide green spaces, parks, and beautiful waterways. It is an ideal place for cinephiles, nature lovers, thrill seekers, foodies and art buffs and a Region where people can enjoy a good work-life balance thanks to the quality of their working conditions and multiple family recreation opportunities. Download our guide to find out about Paris Region’s hotspots and read what locals recommend doing.

Paris Region offers a world-class experience for individuals of all budgets, with a wealth of amenities, including quality education, exceptional health services, efficient transportation, and an affordable cost of living.


A place to grow your network

Paris Region is an international hub where people from all over the world live, study, work, and visit. With 1.8 million foreigners, 100,000 international students in higher education, and many companies operating on a global scale, the region provides international talents with a dynamic, enriching, and multicultural environment. Whether they come for their studies, to set up a business or to follow their partner in his/her relocation, expatriates will never struggle to feel at home. They will be able to find fellow nationals among the Region’s multiple international communities, blend in and learn French. Discover their tips and stories through profiles of expatriates who have chosen to live in Paris Region.

Read more about the Region’s cosmopolitan vibe on this dedicated page, and make sure to browse through our articles about how to make your move to Paris Region a success and finding your footing here.


Finding a place to live

There are many beautiful places to live in Paris and its Region. Whether you want to live close to your workplace, near your children’s school, surrounded by nature, or in the heart of a vibrant neighborhood, you are bound to find the perfect home. This article will give you practical advice on how to find accommodation and save you time in your search. Paris Region offers also diverse coliving and flexliving solutions that cater to different needs and lifestyles. Make sure you also download our guide to get a sneak peek into what every arrondissement and suburb around the capital has to offer in terms of amenities, atmosphere.


Family life

Paris Region is the perfect region for family life. Families with young children can benefit from a wide range of day-care options at a low cost thanks to an efficient social benefits system and access a world-class education system. With a network of more than 40 international schools, it is easy for expats to find international schools offering foreign programs and diplomas for their children. The American school of Paris and The British School of Paris for instance, offers an extremely attractive option for families seeking a world-class, anglophone, international education in the Region. If you want to find out more about the French education system, download our guide.

For students wanting to pursue their higher education in Paris Region, our universities and Grandes Ecoles offer English speaking programs that attract more and more students every year. For more detailed information about higher education and applying to university, check-out our dedicated article.