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Just released Paris Region Facts and Figures. 2023 Chinese Edition

Just released Paris Region Facts and Figures. 2023 Chinese Edition

Choose Paris Region, the Paris Ile-de-France Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry and l'Institut Paris Region publish the "Paris Region Facts and Figures 2023", Chinese Edition.
This publication highlights the key assets of Paris Region.

In this document, you will find the 2023 Facts and Figures regarding: Paris Region in international rankings, an international and cosmopolitan region, a green and sustainable region (environment, tourism, culture, gastronomy...), the largest reservoir of talents in Europe (population, education, employment, research), a region of business and innovation (companies, startups, foreign investment, international trade, innovation, competitiveness clusters, sectors, professional meetings and events), state-of-the-art infrastructure (real estate, logistics, transport, telecoms, energy...)

Paris Region, a Vibrant, Innovative and Sustainable Region

  • A dynamic and fast-growing region
  • A Thriving Business and Research Community
  • A Strong Know-How in Services and Industry
    • Home to 18.3% of France’s population
    • Producer of 31% of national GDP
    • Contributor of 5.3% of the EU28 GDP
    • Gathering 23.1% of all jobs in France
    • Employing 34.2% of all French executives
    • Educating 27% of all students in France
    • Encompassing 42.3% of R&D workforce and
    • 29.9% of scientists and engineers in France
  • A massive consumer marketplace
  • A Breeding Ground for Talents
  • Very Competitive Real Estate and Logistics Solutions
  • World-class transport and digital infrastructure
  • An outstanding lifestyle

To find all the data: Download the document