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ReInvest - Business Services

ReInvest Business Services

At Choose Paris Region, we understand the importance for companies with an established presence in the region to grow and take in additional resources, talent, and new growth perspectives.

Our ReInvest team is dedicated to supporting companies wanting to reinvest in new projects, diversify their portfolio and build new teams. From connecting you to local & national authorities to organizing learning expeditions and moving to bigger premises where you can hire more staff, our ReInvest team will have you covered.

As Choose Paris Region aims to contribute to a more sustainable, inclusive, and effective social investment strategy, our teams give voice to companies wanting to develop a business that can create by positive impact.

Business Services

  • Business Connections
  • Learning Expeditions (USA)
  • Selective Business Clubs
  • Market Intelligence and Strategy Validation

Tech & Innovation

  • Support finding Labs and R&D facilities
  • Access to Competitiveness Clusters
  • French and international startup scouting
  • Tech insights

Public Authorities

  • Introduction to all regional, local and national authorities
  • Operational & Administrative support in setting up a French entity
  • Support navigating France’s regulatory environment
  • Introduction to public funding options

Recruitment & HR Solutions

  • Recruitment Assistance
  • Information on Public Employment Agencies & HR Consulting Agencies
  • Impatriation Support 

Site Selection & Real Estate

  • Support choosing the right business location and office spaces
  • Introduction to commercial real-estate brokers
  • Facilitation of negotiations with public authorities
  • Connection to energy operators

Green Business Opportunities in Paris Region

Paris Region is at the forefront of the green revolution with both private and public sectors deeply committed to promoting sustainability through ambitious environmental projects. Public investments will increase to €10 billion by 2025 to accelerate the ecological transformation, creating numerous green business opportunities while encouraging eco-innovation and social impact projects.