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Come for business stay for life

Come for Business Stay for Life

As well as being a top business destination, Paris Region offers an unbeatable and affordable quality of life. Culture, architecture, history, green space, gastronomy, education, world-class infrastructure and affordability... Paris Region is an exceptional place to live and thrive.    


A Wealth of Opportunities to Boost Your Career

Paris Region is a major international business hub boasting a vast and vibrant labor market, where international skills and qualified profiles are in high demand. With 15,100 foreign companies making up 1 out of 6 jobs in the region and being based in one of the world's most dynamic startup environments, the opportunities for career development are endless. It is the perfect place for international students wishing to kick start their careers, entrepreneurs, investors wanting to attract the best skills and anyone looking for a fulfilling professional and social life.        


Quality of Life in Paris Region

The perfect balance between a historically rich city center, the unbeatable culture and the accessible green spaces, lakes and rivers, making up 75% of the region, means there is something for everyone: cinephiles and athletes, foodies and nature-lovers, art buffs and world travelers…  The Paris Region offers a wide array of cultural activities - from world-class museums and theatres to performance spaces and independent cinemas. Get a taste of French cuisine or take a stroll along the Seine; opportunities to entertain your friends or enjoy family-friendly outings are countless!         


A Cosmopolitan Region

Paris Region is an international hub where people from all over the world live, study, work, and visit.  With 1.8 million foreigners, 100,000 international students in higher education and many companies operating on a global scale, the region offers foreign talents a dynamic, enriching, and multicultural environment. Whether they move to Paris to set up their business, to follow family, to study or do research, expatriates will never struggle to find a vibrant international community. In addition, dynamic networks encourage expatriates to share tips and experiences, helping new-comers make the most of the Region. 

Interested in joining an international community of expatriates? Learn more about them.


A Comfortable Place to Live 

Outside its capital city, Paris Region is home to many excellent places to live, work and feel at home. They are easily accessible by public transport thanks to one of the world’s most efficient transport systems.   

Its highly developed and modern transport network is one of the major advantages to living in the Region. It efficiently connects the Region to France, Europe and the world. It relies on a rapid metro system, commuter rail, high-speed trains and three international airports with direct flights to Geneva, London, Barcelona, Rome and Berlin in under two hours — to name just a few. 

Finally, studies show that the living cost in Paris Region compares favorably to other international cities such as New York, London, San Francisco and Geneva. That not only applies to personal costs such as housing, education, culture, and healthcare — but also to business expenses such as recruitment and office space, which is a great incentive for people to build their professional and personal future here.  


International Schooling for Your Children

Paris Region offers a world-class education system with an ever-increasing number of bilingual programs. The international school system caters to the needs of foreign and French pupils from preschool to high school. Today there are 120 schools offering bilingual programs in 17 languages, more than 40 international private schools and a variety of curriculum: International Baccalaureate (IB), European Baccalaureate, French Baccalaureate with an International Option, A-Levels, High School Diploma, Montessori, etc.      

The educational offer in the Region will satisfy bilingual children, young children whose parents plan to stay in France over the long haul, and expatriates on the move wanting the same schooling for their children in France and abroad. 

Wondering about your children’s international schooling?  Let us help you identify the best international schools for your children and ensure a smooth transition for your family to Paris Region. Learn more.